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Live 'spot-prize' giveaways

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VIP Member Benefits

52 VIP Whisky Competitions

Exclusive VIP-only whisky competitions every week. (That's 52 a year & more than 4x our current level)

50+ LIVE spot-prize giveaways

Exclusive VIP-only, spot-prize giveaways in our weekly live broadcasts. That's another 50+ chances to win!

Pick from over 50 Prizes

VIP winners choose their prize from our Dream Whiskies selection of over 50 whisky options.

'Everyone's a Winner' Guarantee

If you don't win one of our competitions in the first 12 months of becoming a VIP member we'll send you a gift anyway!*

*Terms & Conditions apply

Dream Whiskies VIP launches in...

Dream Whiskies VIP Membership

in more detail


After 3 years of providing amazing free competitions and giving away over £15,000 worth of premium whisky, we are changing Dream Whiskies to a members site. So, come February 5th, to continue playing our competitions you will need to sign-up as a VIP member.


What will VIP members get?


More competitions: To start with, we will be creating many more winners. We will be switching from 12 competitions a year (1 a month) to 52 competitions a year (1 a week) meaning that we'll be awarding a new winner every week.


More prizes: We will also be introducing a prize library where more than 50 different whisky prizes will be listed. Win one of our competitions and you can select the prize of your choice from our library.


Additional Giveaways: On top of our weekly competitions, we'll be running a weekly live broadcast on our Facebook page where we'll be running live 'spot-prize' giveaways. That's another 50+ prizes a year to add to 52 whisky competitions. Also only open to VIP members.


Higher chances of winning: Based on our research we anticipate that only 10-15% of current players will become VIP members meaning that your chances of winning improve significantly compared to previously!

Is there a charge?


Yes: Obviously to date, everything that we have provided has been completely free. However, after 3 years of giveaways we need to start covering our costs and we've given a great deal of thought to how we can provide you with the greatest value possible, and this is what we've come up with.


VIP Membership subscription will be £4.99 a month plus we'll give you our "Everyone's a Winner' guarantee!


How can everyone win? We want everyone to win with Dream Whiskies. So, if you haven't won one of our competitions within the first 12 months of becoming a VIP member, we will send you a special 'thank you' gift as a sign of our appreciation..


Can we try it out for free?


Of course you can: As an established player of our competitions, we want to give you the chance to check out the new Dream Whiskies without having to commit on day one. That is why we are offering everyone a 30-day free trial of Dream Whiskies VIP membership.

When can I sign-up for the Free Trial?

February 5th: Our current competition runs until 23:59:59 on February 4th. As soon as we hit midnight the Dream Whiskies site will be updated and you'll be able to sign up immediately.

Please keep your eye on this page over the coming month as we will announce all updates here.

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