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This is an incredibly rare 30 year-old Isle of Jura whisky, bottled in 2010 in a limited edition run of just 1200 bottles and is displayed in a fabulous leather case.

This expression spent the first 27 years of its life maturing in American oak casks before being transferred to sherry casks from the famed Gonzalez Byass bodega in Spain for the final 3 years of maturation before being bottled at a standard abv of 40% by the distillery.

To give you a sense of the spectacular whisky that you could win here, I have used the following great tasting notes from Whisky Mate

JURA 30 Limited Edition Tasting Notes
Courtesy of Whisky Mate

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Colour: Deep gold

Nose: Initial entry presents a rich and intense aroma which is redolent with wood spices such as cinnamon as well as lashings of honey and some heather. With time, chewy malt, barley sugar and a hint of peat emerge and they are quickly followed by a fruity and floral one-two of lemons and violets respectively.
The sherried notes are rather restrained, but linger on in the background to provide a level of complexity. A splash of brine emerges towards the end and is accompanied by a distant whiff of acetone. (23/25)

Palate: Initial entry is smooth and rather sweet, with more of the honey and barley sugar from the nose transferring on to the palate. Hints of sherry emerge on the palate, but it isn’t as sweet as one would expect and tends to meld seamlessly with the barley sugar. The peat is fleeting and doesn’t register as much as it did on the nose. Chewy malt, lemon citrus, violets and cinnamon make an appearance as time goes on and the these elements combine beautifully to represent the sweet, fruity, floral and spicy aspects of the palate. The final piece in the jigsaw puzzle emerges in the form of sea salt and the acetone detected on the nose lingers on in the fringes. (24/25)

Finish: Medium in length, with the sherry notes fading and allowing for the honeyed sweetness and oaky cinnamon to be complemented by the lemony citrus note which has been ever-present throughout the proceedings. The level of sophistication in this dram is astounding! (22/25)

Balance: Exceptionally well-balanced and an immensely enjoyable dram which showcases all of its individual aspects in their own right as well as a collective. The mouthfeel is initially oily but does become increasingly dry towards the end, although it never loses that oily edge. (23/25)

Rating: 92/100

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