The Glenlivet's nod to the whisky smugglers!!

This month's Dream Whiskies prize is this cracking single cask release from one of Scotland”s most prestigious distilleries. With the majority of single malt whiskies coming from a combination of several different casks, often 100s at a time, this bottling, is from just one single cask, meaning it is a wholly unique experience. Only 498 bottles were produced of this superb whisky, so players should get themselves in to our competition if they want a chance of trying it. The bottling takes its name from the Tollafraick farmhouse that smugglers would pass by when they were sneaking whisky out of the distillery. This is a classic Glenlivet, with beautiful Speyside with the flavours being given a big boost by the warming 57.2% ABV cask strength that the whisky is bottled at. Definitely one for the Glenlivet fans out there!

The first distillery to take out a licence after the Excise Act of 1823, the Glenlivet was a favourite of King George IV who demanded nothing but Glenlivet during a visit to Edinburgh in 1821 - three years before it was legal! Glenlivet has given its name to the 'longest valley in Scotland', so called after several distilleries laid claim to the Glenlivet suffix to cash in on the distillery's sterling reputation. But only one can truly call itself The Glenlivet.

Our prize has a value of over £400. Making it our most valuable giveaway yet.

Bottled: 12.2016

Age: 16 years old

Cask Edition: Tollafraick

Cask Number: 9944

57.2% ABV / 70cl

Bottle Number: 35 / 498

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Sherried peels, toasted malt and hints of vanilla.

Palate: Chocolate, green apple, lemon peel, vanilla.

Finish: Lingering barley sugar and mint leaf.

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