The Amazing Glenturret Cask #100 Peated Drummond

This month Dream Whiskies is offering the amazing Glenturret Cask 100 Peated Drummond Limited Edition (1 of 315) as its monthly prize [Click 'Play Now' above to enter for FREE]. We thought it right that you should know a bit more about this fantastic whisky.

This gorgeous wee dram was first filled into a refill hogshead cask on the 25th of March 2009. The spirit is 100% Ruadh Maor Glenturret and is 8 years old. Cask #100 is the first edition to feature 100% fully peated Glenturret at cask strength of 58.9% and will therefore be a sought after, highly collectable dram. Cask 100 was specifically chosen so that the wood would have a minimal impact on the liquid, this cask and a few others like it were filled with peated new make up to 120ppm which rivals even the peatiest Islay malts.The hope was that with minimal interaction Glenturret would see a whisky that was truly unique. 

Peated Drummond is the first new bottling to officially be signed by their new Distillery Manager Ian Renwick, who was actually a stillman when the cask was originally filled, and who has been very busy hand signing all of the bottles for them. 

John and Hugh Drummond established a historical agreement with the Ochtertyre estate to dig peat to fuel the fires to dry their barley for Glenturret and therefore Peated Drummond is a fitting tribute to their historical connection with peated whisky. 

Tasting Notes:

The Peated Drummond has a light, golden appearence that is both clear and bright. The aroma is gentle and yet pungent peat, slightly medicinal with a hint of marzipan and dried oak tree bark. On the palate there are a deft balance of flavours. Peat features (obviously), spicy dry almonds and fired oak. Finaly, the finish is long and toasty and dries very slowly offering further complexity.

There are only 315 bottles of Glenturret Peated Drummond in existence. And at a price of just £145.00 a bottle must be considered a fabulous investment for a whisky that will be highly sought-after and owned by the very few.

Naturally, you have the chance of winning a bottle in our amazing Free January Competition, but if you would like to ensure that one of these ends up in your collection, you can buy one directly from the distillery (the only place other than through Dream Whiskies) that you can get your hands on one. If you are interested, call them on 01764 656565.

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