Ardbeg's Historic Gem: The Airigh Nam Beist 1990

There is a dark place on Islay, high above the Ardbeg Distillery, called Airigh Nam Beist (pronounced `arry-nam-baysht`) which in Gaelic means `shelter (or pasture) of the beast (animal)`. No more fitting name could have been bestowed on such an eerie place; this is where - legend has it - something other-worldly lurks, lying in wait.

Likewise, no more perfect a name could be assigned to this 1990 vintage from Ardbeg.

This was the earliest of three 1990 vintages released by Ardbeg that are considered by many to be the last great releases prior to the aged stock becoming exhausted, resulting in an extremely popular and sadly discontinued Ardbeg.

Bottled in 2006 at sixteen years old, this whisky is truly spectacular and now highly collectable too (although we would drink it rather than collect it).

Our tasting notes below have been borrowed from the Ardbeg site where you can find additional information about their other fabulous, consigned to history whiskies.

Here at Dream Whiskies we are delighted to be able to offer this amazing prize for our April competition winner. Someone is going to get a truly fantastic whisky…. GOOD LUCK


Colour: Straw gold

Nose: Sea spray and vanilla ice-cream infused with peat oil and finished with gooey fudge sauce. Fennel, pine nuts, lime and sherbet follow. With water, fruit salad meets dried fruit to give rum and raisin chocolate and heather smoke.

Taste: Bold peat oil, salty seaweed and bonfire smokiness. Crisp

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