A Ballantine's distilled in the 1940's!

Consider this.... our prize for November was distilled in the early 1940's!

Just think about that for a second....

That's around the time of WWII, before the bikini was designed and Tupperware had been created. Credit cards were still a number of years off and the contraceptive pill was still a pipe dream!

And yet, while all that was happening around us, our whisky was 'resting' peacefully in barrels, in the darkened recesses of a Scottish distillery warehouse, evolving.

By the time those barrels had given up their refined, matured bounties for blending and bottling, seat belts had been invented, video tape recorders were in most houses and our minds had been blown by the invention of the pocket calculator. At least 30 years had passed and the world was unrecognisable.

Having spent those 30 years maturing, once bottled (around 1970), our amazing prize has gone on to remain unopened for the best part of 50 years! Just sitting, sealed in a bottle for longer than most of the world's population has been alive!

So we find ourselves well in to the twenty-first century. We live in a technological world that is so distinct from the 1940's that much of what we take as the norm today would surely have appeared as witchcraft to the people responsible for distilling our fabulous whisky. And yet, along with the rampant, constantly accelerating pace of global change, the lifespan for our whisky has been silent and focussed. Focussed on one thing.... the imperceptible process of maturation. Slow, sure and profound. Eventually cocooned in a bottle awaiting the one moment the journey has been about. When somebody.... possibly you, removes the cork and dives in :)

Is there any wonder that we have quoted its value at £500? In truth, £500 is a very conservative estimate as born out by the one that is currently for sale at The Whisky Exchange for £700!

However, no need for you to spend that money.... just make sure you get as many entries in to our competition as possible to give yourself the best chance of winning it :)

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