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This month's amazing Dream Whiskies giveaway is this collection of 4 Limited Edition, Cask Strength, Single Barrel whiskies from The Single Cask. Total prize value is £400-500!

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Ruadh Maor 8 years old - Cask No.153 - 59.5%abv - 1 of only 171 bottles.

This is the name given to Glenturret’s peated single malt, typically produced for blending but we were fortunate to find a couple of casks. This was by far our favourite, having taken on a lot of life from the ex-bourbon American oak to balance the intensity of the peat and relative youth of the spirit.

Nose: Spirited and robust, with dusky peat, sea salt, malt and green leaves. Malt features later on, alongside some sherried sweetness, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Palate: Dusky peat and green leaves at the fore, followed by a fair bit of restrained sherry, malt, sea salt and oak. Cinnamon and nutmeg follow on later.

Finish: Long, lingering, spicy and peaty in equal measure.

Tobermory 22 Years Old - Cask No.A394 - 59.1%abv - 1 of only 86 bottles

We’ve bottled a few casks of Tobermory over the last couple of years, both ex-bourbon and ex-sherry, but this has been one of the most outstanding. Full of complexity but smooth and balanced throughout.

Nose:Coastal salinity coupled with acetone, green tobacco leaves, mint, white pepper and juniper initially. Flint, gunpowder and musky oak develop with sage and thyme.

Palate:Sea salt, white pepper, lime and barley sugar emerge initially, with wet slate, creosote and more juniper complementing chewy malt, flint and gunpowder.

Finish:Long and sweet finish, with lime, sea salt and dill combining well with the dry oak, white pepper and flinty hints.

Speyside 22 Years Old - Cask No.SA2095 - 62.2%abv - 1 of only 172 bottles

A particular rich and dark bottling from the Spey distillery, this refill cask provides a great example of what ex-sherry would can do to a whisky without going overboard. Raspberry, pine, cacao and menthol all come through on the nose, while the palate gives way to layers of treacle, spicy oak and black pepper to give balance. A touch of citrus acidity leads into a rich finish of charred oak and fruity cider. Complex but highly drinkable, even at its natural cask strength, with a long and layered finish.

Islay Malt 8 Years Old - Cask Ref. OCT001 - 54.4%abv - 1 of only 75 bottles

Something of an experiment, this is the result of an undisclosed single malt from Islay being matured for several months in an ex-Oloroso ‘firkin’, or octave cask. What results is a powerful combination of earthy smoke and sweet, rich sherry notes.

Nose: A rich and complex series of aromas, dominated by sweet coffee flavours and earthy hints of juniper & brine.

Palate: At full strength sherry notes dominate the palate, at first sweet but then the Islay character coming through; charred meats and rich stewed fruits fight their way to the forefront. Oily and full-bodied, without the prickle that might be expected at cask strength.

Finish: The finish is surprisingly long, the peat still aggressive with notes reminiscent of burnt rubber, brandy and sticky toffee pudding.

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