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Due to receiving many requests, Dream Whiskies relaunched the monthly 'open' Dream Whisky Competition in December 2020.

These are our winners so far....

The Winner of our February/March '21 Dream Whisky competition is Clive Morrison from London

He won this bottle of The Glenlivet Alpha - Limited Edition

Perfect, I was really glad to see that I  had won this prize. I'll be looking forward to drinking this with my Dad, since we both have Scottish heritage, we both love our Whiskies

- Clive Morrison

The Winner of our January/February '21 Dream Whisky competition was Christopher Fernandez from Aberdeen, Scotland

He won this bottle of Johnnie Walker Ghost & Rare - Brora & Rare - Limited Edition

Hi, oh my goodness, how amazing. Delighted to have won such a lovely bottle!

- Christopher Fernandez

The Winner of our December '20 Dream Whisky competition was Malcolm Gedalla from Edgware, London

He won this bottle of Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix - Limited Edition

Fantastic news! My wife has insisted that I shave for the picture

- Malcolm Gedalla

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