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Due to receiving many requests, Dream Whiskies relaunched the monthly 'open' Dream Whisky Competition in December 2020.

These are our winners so far....

The Winner of our March/April '22 Dream Whisky competition is Scott Moir from Arbroath
He won this Jura 30 Year-Old Limited Edition

Jura 30.jpeg

Happy Days! Really chuffed!

                                                               - Scott Moir

The Winner of our Sept/Oct '21 Dream Whisky competition is Alex Richards from Bolton
She won this Trio of Chivas Whiskies

Alex Winner.png
Chivas Trio Social Banner.png

Holy crap! Sorry but I was not expecting that at all. You've made my year!!

                                                               - Alex Richards

The Winner of our July/August '21 Dream Whisky competition is Kaz Bridges from Boston
She won this bottle of Macallan 1861 Replica

Mac 1861 - 5.jpeg

Hi Paul, Wow what a wonderful surprise, that’s made my day

- Kaz Bridges

The Winner of our May/June '21 Dream Whisky competition is Colin Cole from Sudbury
He won this bottle of Johnnie Walker DECO

Colin Winner.png
JW DECO Design 1.png

Thank you so much for the fantastic e-mail informing me of my win. I am very much appreciated - Colin Cole

The Winner of our March/April '21 Dream Whisky competition is Kevin Neil from Liverpool

He won this bottle of Hibiki Japanese Harmony Masters Select Kacho Fugetsu - Limited Edition

Hibiki 9.jpg

That’s wonderful news – made my day and put a real smile on my face!

- Kevin Neil

The Winner of our February/March '21 Dream Whisky competition is Clive Morrison from London

He won this bottle of The Glenlivet Alpha - Limited Edition


Perfect, I was really glad to see that I  had won this prize. I'll be looking forward to drinking this with my Dad, since we both have Scottish heritage, we both love our Whiskies

- Clive Morrison

The Winner of our January/February '21 Dream Whisky competition was Christopher Fernandez from Aberdeen, Scotland

He won this bottle of Johnnie Walker Ghost & Rare - Brora & Rare - Limited Edition


Hi, oh my goodness, how amazing. Delighted to have won such a lovely bottle!

- Christopher Fernandez

The Winner of our December '20 Dream Whisky competition was Malcolm Gedalla from Edgware, London

He won this bottle of Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix - Limited Edition


Fantastic news! My wife has insisted that I shave for the picture

- Malcolm Gedalla

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