Whisky Competitions have now moved!

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To continue playing our competitions you need to sign up as a VIP member. So, what does that mean for you?

Actually, it's a world of differences......

More Competitions

VIP members will get the chance to play a brand new whisky giveaway competition every week. That's 52 each year compared to the 12 we have run to date. Additionally, with considerably fewer players and new skill based formats, your chances of winning are higher than ever!

More Prizes

VIP members will now get the chance to choose their prize when they win a competition. We have introduced a prize library where our winners will be able to take their pick. As Dream Whiskies grows, so will the value and number of whiskies that are on offer.

More LIVE Spot-Prize Giveaways

We are increasing our Facebook LIVE broadcasts to once a week, meaning that we'll have over 50 live spot-prize giveaways. Whilst anyone can watch the broadcasts, only VIP members will be able to enter the giveaways. You can see some of the previous spot-prize winners here.

Month-3 Gift

In April of 2020 we are launching our Whisky Cocktails online course on the Udemy.com platform. It will sell at £50.00 but VIP members will receive free lifetime access to the course as a gift for reaching 3 months as one of our VIP members.

'Everyone's-a-Winner' Guarantee

By way of rewarding every one of our VIP members, we are offering our 'Everyone's-a-Winner' guarantee. In short, if you stay with us for 12 months and don't win one of our competitions, we'll send you a 'thank you' gift as a sign of our appreciation.

Try new VIP for FREE

We get it.... you've never paid us before so why now? In short, we can't continue doing this for free. That's why we are offering so many improvements and freebies for your fee. And to give you the chance to check it out, we are also offering you our no obligation 30-day free trial. What have you got to lose?

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