Dr Barry Bradford

The Whiskyphiles

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Barry is a research scientist who blogs in his spare time. He has been doing so for 5 years.

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DW: What, in your opinion, is the most important skill of a whisky blogger?

Barry: A spirit of adventure.


DW: What is the most viewed Blog that you have published, and why do you think it was so popular?

Barry: A review of Hibiki's Japanese Harmony Masters Select, it appears first on Google search and seems to be a very popular Japanese whisky.

DW: What, if anything, is unique about your blogging style?

Barry: In terms of my reviews; like to give a roundup of the information provided with a bottle i.e. what material consumers are given at the point of purchase or deciding to purchase a whisky and then a roundup of my own view, tasting notes, overall opinion and score. Generally we have Broadsheet newspaper approach and try provide as much information and opinion as concisely as possible.

DW: What is your view on the current popularity of whisky?

Barry: Whisky seems to be very popular at the moment, which is great.

DW: What is your opinion on whisky as an investment?

Barry: Go for it if you are interested but do your research first. Too many people ask me what the bottles they bought in the supermarket are now worth!

DW: Do you have an all-time favourite dram and why does it stand clear above all others?

Barry: The discontinued Mortlach 16yo Flora and Fauna is a favourite but I have had plenty others equal or better.

DW: What advice would you give anyone planning to become a whisky blogger?

Barry: Do it because you love whisky and want to share that passion with others. Don't forget that!

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