Aug 6

Favourite Islay Offering?


Hi Guys,


I'm Mark, and I'm very fond of peated drams. My go to whiskies are usually those from the Island region or the Islay region. One of my very favourites is Ardbed.


Anybody have any Islay favourites or gems they would like to share?



Lagavulin 16 was sent from the gods! The smell and taste just transports me to a wintery campfire setting

Aug 6

Almost any of the Islay whiskies are good, but I especially like Bruichladdie's Octomore range ... but only when someone else is buying as it's very expensive. My own personal favourite is actually from Skye - Talisker - which varies from reasonably priced to around £250 for a 25 YO; not that I've ever tasted that!

We actually gave away a Talisker 25 last year. Sorry that you didn't win it :(

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  • I was at a really nice whisky shop on Saturday and purchased a Talisker 18 year old, which of course I love, but I also had the opportunity to taste a Jura 18. I have to confess that, even as a dedicated Talisker drinker, I was very tempted to change my mind and buy the Jura. I think that qualifies as a personal recommendation :-)
  • £90,000 for a whisky that is nearly as old as I am! I would love to try a dram, as long as I didn't have to pay for it. I can only hope it has matured a lot better than I have, my wife believes that I still have a lot of maturing to do :-)
  • I've been using this site to win my favourite drink for ages now. Never even come close, so even tough I used to pay for the premium membership - I get no where. May as well just give this site a miss... G o d - n o w t h e r e w e b s I t e a h s c r a hshed!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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