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Here's a couple of minatures I've inherited, amazingly still full & well over 40yrs old!









Wow... thanks for sharing @Robin P. We have no idea what you have there. Anyone got any info?

I was under the impression that they were produced to celebrate The Scottish Open but recently found the following info on an auction site:

Here on offer is a vintage Beswick Scottish flying haggis Beneagles Whisky flaggon, dating to 1972.

James Wright Beswick began earthenware production in about 1890 at the Albion Works, after a number of moves he settled at the Gold Street Works, Longton in 1896. About the same time his eldest son joined the business. In 1918 they secured the Warwick China Works in Chadwick Street, allowing the company to manufacture bone china products in addition to the extensive domestic earthenware goods. J W Beswick died in 1920, his son John became the proprietor and driving force behind the business. After John’s death the company was controlled by his executors, with Beswick family members as directors. In 1957 it became a listed public company. In 1969 John Ewart Beswick having no heir sold the company to Doulton & Co. Doulton ceased production of Beswick in 2002.

The decanter is modelled with the haggis in the guise of a bird, with facial plumage, wing feathers and tail, perching on a rock. The character takes inspiration from jokes about heading to Scotland for haggis hunt across the wild moorland. The little decanter has a plastic stopper to the base with the original foil sticker. The information on the base reads:



Product of Scotland 


Modelled by A HALLAM  1972


@Robin P. That is really interesting, I think it must be the same Beswick that made the little animal figures which are quite collectable, although not by me :-)

@Robin P. That's fascinating. Never seen them before. I assume there is a specific collectors market for them (although not sure where). Maybe try Facebook? Would be very interesting to discover just how rare they are.

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Two different whiskies in the same design container? there must be a story behind that. Do you know what the bottle represents... looks a bit like a hop from my perspective, but then I am pretty useless at that sort of identification...

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