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Dream Whiskies Community Code of Conduct

The Dream Whiskies Community is a forum for the use of Dream Whiskies members only. It is specifically designed as a forum where those members can interact as a community that share a common interest, namely whisky and whisky related issues.

Members are free to engage with, communicate and follow other members, post their own comments, questions, etc. and comment on other member's posts. There is also the facility to upload photos, video, links and more. All members must adhere to this code of conduct. Any breach by a member may result in that member being blocked by Dream Whiskies.


  • Engage with the community as often as you like.

  • Communicate directly with Dream Whiskies through the community posts

  • Post whisky related comments, questions or material

  • Show respect to the other community members

  • Respect differences of opinion

  • Enjoy yourself


  • Use this community for non-whisky related posts, comments or materials

  • Use offensive language or make offensive comments. This includes comments relating to race, culture, gender and sexuality

  • Become offensive towards other community members

  • Use this community to sell or offer for sale any item or service

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